Vacation Payment Plan

Crystal & Clear Travel makes it easy to save for your vacation.

We offer a vacation payment plan with our Save-N-Vacation Account – an interest free with no credit check involved!

We are proud to offer families, groups, schools, and individuals on any budget their chance to take a vacation with no credit card regret. Our plan offers:

  • FREE GIFT REGISTRY (people can gift you a portion of your vacation!)

Our Save-N-Vacation Account plan can be used for any type of vacation you want to take – big or small.

  • Group Travel
  • Student Groups
  • Day Trips
  • Weekend Getaways

Offering a personal touch to every client. To us you are more than just another reservation, you are a person with likes and dislikes and because of that we work with you one on one to help you to plan the vacation of your dreams.


What does that mean?

Crystal & Clear Travel has ways to make any vacation a reality. Are you wanting to save towards family vacation? Take your sweet heart on a surprise of a life time? School or Family reunion? Or just yourself ?

Well then you have come to the right place. We offer endless way to save for that vacation. You start with a simple telephone call. We help you decide where it is you want to travel. Giving you an estimate of what that vacation will cost you, and depending on how far out you are looking to plan. This way of saving is perfect for those who want to travel in one, two or more years from now! You really do not need to have your destination planned to start saving.

These accounts are set up on a credit or debit card. Clients will then pick a date and amount that fits their budget for the saving payment. While your saving for that dream vacation there is no penalties for being late, not being able to make a full payment or deciding that you have to opt out all together.


So many of us start by saying “I’m going to take that vacation” and the next thing you know 10 years have gone by not ever taking that “Vacation” trip. Don’t let this happen to you when we offer a great way to plan that dream vacation with convenient, interest free monthly payment options, regardless of credit history.


Gift Registry


So many of us start our married life saying “ we’ll take our honeymoon later” and next thing you know is that you’ve been married 10 years and are still waiting to take that “Honeymoon” trip. Don’t let that happen to you when we offer a great way to plan that dream honeymoon with convenience. When you make your reservation you will automatically have access to your own registry page through our website. Your guests can contribute to your honeymoon right through your page. With NO FEES!

Of course, this registry can be used for groups, reunions, birthday celebrations and much more.

Internet vs. Crystal & Clear Travel

There are several reasons to use us instead of the internet, so let us show you a few:

  • Most websites make you pay upfront to get that “great deal”
  • Your already planning a wedding; do you have time to research the best deals?
  • We can provide one stop shopping, so you’ll get airfare, hotel and excursions all in one package.
  • And don’t forget those interest free monthly payments with no fees.




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